Stephanie Weiss PT | Make the Choice
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Making the choice to have a fit lifestyle

Make the choice. Flip the switch. It’s that simple. Make it about the choice. Change happens day by day toward everyday.


It’s important to keep in mind your motivation toward wellness. Why are you seeking a personal trainer? What is it that made you place your body as a high priority?


We all have our reasons and it’s important to keep those at the forefront of your mind.


Stephanie wants to make sure this is a choice that will last for life. She wants to see you improve and to never go back to where you came from.



If you’ve had even just a glimmer of desire to get fit, lose weight, feel better, then call Stephanie today for a free consultation. It all starts with a choice.


Call today for a free Consultation 203-417-6965


“Change starts with a decision.”