Stephanie Weiss PT | The Approach
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The Approach

We begin with a verbal consultation to assess what your needs are and what I can provide for you. I believe that choosing the right trainer raises your success rate exponentially. We see if there is a good fit and schedule a Fitness Evaluation.

Fitness Evaluation

A full Fitness Evaluation includes tests of cardiovascular ability, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Also we measure weight, body measurements and body fat percentage.

Personal Fitness and Lifestyle Goal Questionnaire

This is a form used to identify specific needs and or desired outcomes of personal training with me. We will be setting specific goals here also.

Based on all of the information I will create a fitness program for you and we start your journey to a better you!

Staying on track.

Undoubtedly you will face barriers to your success. We will identify these and work through them toward reaching your goals.


It’s that simple!


“Live Simply.”